Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Great guns!

Made enormous strides on the EMG-Zine anthology today, and am way, way happier with the art and fiction pages than I was. They went from good to gorgeous, and I'm SO pleased with most of them. Did have to cut out four pages in total, and another two articles, but in all: happy Ellen. Progress is good. I still need to write an intro, or possibly skip the intro and write a conclusion/ending piece, and design the section dividers, and insert a lot of the high-res files over my placeholders, but an end is in sight!! It's going to be a great book!

Working on an order now, waiting for the printer to come out of its power save so I can send some t-shirt care, and... okay, sent that!

Back to work. I slept in so late my schedule is all off-kilter. I'm hoping to get this order finished up so I can go in and mail it when I drive in to pick up Nyquil for Jake. I'll stop and take a shower while I'm in, too. Ack, look at the time, back to the grind!

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