Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Better days...

Nasty-gram from a customer made last night worse than worse, and then we watched League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. What, did they TOTALLY blow their CG budget before they finished the thing? The invisible man effects were SO inconsistant! Guh. Could have been good, and wasn't.

Slept until 11 this morning. Jake had a rough night with the flu and finally took nyquil at about 6 this morning. I called him in sick at 7:30 and went back to bed. (I'm a light sleeper - when he's up coughing, I'm up, too!) I think I needed the extra snooze, I feel quite a lot better. My back's been giving me trouble lately and causing headaches - undoubtedly due to stress, so today I started icing and ibuprofen-ing more regularly, and it's down to a low ebb for the first time in days. (I so totally need a spa fairy, jeruu! But in leiu of that, I guess I'll take care of myself a little... :P)

I'm ploughing through the EMG submission queue pretty well now, and getting lots of results out. It won't make me cry if you guys submit more now - I like to mix up what goes online when, so variety is good! :) Inbox is manageable. A little behind on forum stuff, but staying on top of trouble and questions, I think.

I also got the BEST news about printing the EMG-Zine anthology and am getting through pages much more quickly now, too. Page numbering still has me grinding my teeth, but I'll manage. Also still missing a few high-res pieces, and have had to cut/reorganize a few pages because of it. Too late now, guys! (Except one article I really, really want to use, so I'm going to go rattle that cage again...)

Onward and Upward!

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