Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tales of adventure in plumbing!

I suspect that the moments in my life that I will look back at with the most humor will be the ones like tonight, perched on top of the water tank with my arm down a new-sawn 16" manhole, waving a broom at the shavings at the bottom so that Jake could suck them up with the wetvac from the bulk-head hole. It is very hard to sweep at armslength with a broom already extended to 6 feet. I probably looked very silly and am glad there wasn't a photographer about, even if we WOULD make the funniest reality TV ever.

The bulkhead* is replaced! We have not yet water-tested it, but it has been replaced! Victory is ours! We even cemented all the PVC we had to cut back together and... technically can fill it up with water and get it running again tomorrow. Jake's going to pick up a load of water. I will be safely at gaming in the evening, so will avoid either the victory dance or the cursing and the hooking back up of the firepump to drain more water down the hill. I'm hopeful for the victory dance.

Didn't get much work done today, alas, Jake came home early with the parts and we tackled it immediately. I did, however, clean up my paper storage area - desperately needed! It's lots of neat, organized stacks now, except for the scrap piles waiting to get chopped up and made into pre-packaged lots that I'll clearance off. I need to create a paper-supplies-only update list, I think... funny how much of my business that's starting to be. Next to print services, now.

Woof, am I beat (and my wussy arms hurt, too). But I wanted to get a few more orders worked on before I call it a night. I may have hot cocoa tonight. It's just chilly enough to be a hot cocoa night.

I'm very glad I didn't end up having to climb down into the tank.

*The bulkhead is the clampy thing around a hole in the tank that go to the threads that connect to the fittings that hold the doo-hickey that drains into the pipes that go into the pump. That's what was leaking.

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