Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Subjects are for weenies.

I failed horribly at Grindstone. *makes crash and burn noises* I'll try again in March.

Go read Elemental, please. It's really short and a little funny, and I'll be your best friend forever if you leave a comment.

I've been sick since Sunday; some kind of nasty post-nasal drip thingy that leaves my throat screaming and my voice about three octaves lower than usual. Exhausted and achy, but I've dragged myself to work, anyway. I'm not so sick that I'd be able to sleep non-stop, so I may as well be making a paycheck while I'm staring into space without brain synapses firing. A lot of other people here are sick.

I've tried doing some writing, the past few days, but haven't been able to make much headway. Art suffers even further. Business? I'm one order behind, I have a pile of contracts to renew, and I have some additions to make to the webpage. Bill (the boss) will be gone for two weeks beginning Monday, so I'll probably take a day or two off during that time and get caught up. Saturday I have another meeting with a client who wants to get a few thousand cards printed. (Yay!) He does really wonderful 'coffee splat' art that I am hoping to be able to add to my line. I've got to take him some sample prints, too.

I need to make some long-term goals for the month of March.

1. One RWH fanfic. Just one. A little one, even. Just *something* to turn in. Maybe this will be a collab… Linda and I are thinking of a father-daughter piece.
2. Finish layout of RWH tarot cards. Just the layout. Printing will be an April goal. I tried to do some layout this weekend and ended up with 'scratch disc full' errors. Spent a few hours deleting files off my hard drive and backing up files instead.
3. Contract updates for all existing artists.
4. A total writing wordcount of 20000. 10k of that *should* be during the Grindstone week.
5. Two finished art pieces of a size and complexity equal to the Cat Sorceress picture I posted in my last entry. Color would be great, black and white would be acceptable.
6. One finished EMG design. This can overlap with the above.
7. There are 21 business days in March, with no paid holidays. I'm allowing myself three or four days off from earning wages. And one of those days must NOT be spoiled on business, but will be spent kicking back with my feet up, in front of a chic flick dvd, with popcorn, icecream and my cat. So there.
8. House: I want the water system planned and purchased. Doesn't need to be installed yet, but at least down on paper and a pile of pipes.
9. Add new artists and new work to EMG. I don't even mind if I don't get any *new* contracts done this whole month. But I should get the ones I have done up onto the web, and do the existing artist follow-up.
10. Backup my files, including the new work.

I think that's enough for one month.

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