Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Water woes...

Oh... fer crying out...

We just dumped our entire tank of water down the hill and are back to jugs.

It was actually pretty fun - we had a high-pressure gas-fired water pump hooked up (three holes, and one jerry-rigged weight at the end of the suction hose later) and could spray pretty arcs of water out over the forest. We even washed Jake's car, and Norway got hit with it once. (He didn't mind, just shook, and wagged his tail and asked for more.) Kind of pretty and exciting, if you didn't think about the fact that we slaved and sweated and paid for all that water. I even sat with a hairdryer on the frozen inlet tube for hours at a time to get that water!!

So why, you are asking as an astute reader, did we just waste it all?

Because our water tank sprang a leak.

Right near the inlet to the pump, one of the fixtures installed by the tank manufacturer (NOT us) has had a slooooow, slooooow leak that we've been keeping an eye on, and sometime over the last day or so, it decided that being a sloooooow leak wasn't as much fun as being a really heavy leak, and we went down to find big slooshy puddles all over the plastic by the tank this morning. I wet-vacced up a few gallons, puddled more out with towels, and attempted a seal with a substance of doom.

I've mentioned tremco before - black death, the most horrible stuff known to mankind, gawdawful, disgusting, toxic stuff, etc, etc. Well, this stuff tops it. It is called... um... I forget exactly (Proseal?), but it is good from -70 degrees to 300 degrees, can be applied underwater, stays pliable forever, can be applied to any type of surface and is HORRIBLE. I probably shortened my life by about 10 years today breathing the fumes, and it took washing my hands in gasoline to get it off. It is goopy, sticks to EVERYTHING, and, sadly, it did not work. The head of the water in tank was too much for it before it had set, so the water just kept bubbling right out of the clear, simi-liquid goo. Hence, the emptying of the tank.

So, no kitchen fan installation for me today. No running water. Possibly no Battlestar Galactica (because I'm supposed to be there in an hour or so with a sidedish, and right now I am disgusting and filthy and we're about to eat our fist meal of the day and I still have to go try to re-apply the gawdawful stuff and then take a shower and I'm getting grumpy and headachy).

On the plus side, we did find out that our pump works (nice to know in case of fire!), and I did get my closet cleaned out before I got distracted by this more important emergency, so while I may be back to #$#%&* water jugs, at least I can find my clothes.

Off to eat...

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