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Ellen Million


I have happy feet and happy boobs! Jake and I went shoe and bra shopping, and I am quite a bit more comfortable than I was. (And with new bras, I didn't have to do laundry last night, which is good because it was getting quite late after the shopping spree.) My feet are very cheerful in their new sandals - a nice high-end pair of Tevas that actually have decent support. Also got a new pair of hiking boots, desperately needed as my last pair was about 7 years old and falling to pieces, in addition to being paint-stained and having one of those deep no-odor-eater-can-touch-it funks. A mild funk, as funks go, but still... nice to have new shoes.

The laser printer ran out of cyan toner - and refuses to print even in black. I COULD pay $250 for a new cartridge in town, but I chose to Internet order a full set for $150 each. The nice guy at Wholesale Toners.com (fabulous company, best prices I've found, real person answers the phone and remembers me from month to month...) was aghast at the $50 shipping I had to pay and asked if I was sitting down before he quoted it to me. I just laughed. It's nothing next to the $700 shipping I got dinged on Ursula's t-shirt shipping last year. $50... pfff... And considering I'm saving about $400 not buying them locally...! Now, if he can just get on the approved retail list for selling the double-size Epson cartridges...

So, anyway, they're being sent second-day (no choice in the matter), but I'm out of invoicing commission until they get in. I got enough done before it quit that I can still get plenty of orders out. Just have to remember to send the shipping labels to the Epson...

Still very displeased with PCMall, who has STILL not refunded my shipping on this printer, ordered in DECEMBER. They won't even return my calls! Bastards. Don't order from them.

Off to do some workstuff!


~pick up racks
~10 submissions
~10 pages of EMG-Zine anthology
~Finish inking map
~RTH sidebar


~Rough color on map
~10 submissions
~10 pages of EMG-Zine anthology
~Finish map color
~Write on 'Friction.'


~Finish another PA piece
~10 submissions
~10 pages of EMG-Zine anthology
~Finish color on map


~No requirements except to make up for whichever day I end up working for DA

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