Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

To-Do list


~Finish inking map - got to another stopping spot and asked for a review before I inked the last structures!
~Finish one PA piece
~Layout 10 pages of EMG-Zine anthology
~10 submissions reviewed
~Orders - ran out of cyan ink in the laser printer before I could finish invoices, but have some worked on and will be doing some print orders!
~emails (enough for the day, anyway! Inbox down to 100 again!)
~laundry, shoes and bras - meeting at Sportsman's warehouse at 4:30
~invoice for express shipping on invitations
~Try to fix lilypad so that artists can upload high-res... - a bigger project than I'd hoped, so I made a stop-gap solution for it. Will tackle in more depth at a later date!
~Order ink
~Check bank balances
~taxes - re-write them and sign and mail. - sent with the husband.


~pick up racks
~Meet with AB for commission roughs
~10 submissions
~10 pages of EMG-Zine anthology
~Rough color on map
~RTH sidebar


~10 submissions
~10 pages of EMG-Zine anthology
~Finish map color
~Write on 'Friction.'


~Finish another PA piece
~10 submissions
~10 pages of EMG-Zine anthology
~Print and mail map


~No requirements except to make up for whichever day I end up working for DA
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