Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Weekend report.

It's snowing! It was 20 below when we left on vacation about three weeks ago, and 50 above when we came back. Today, it can't seem to decide whether to snow or rain, but it's grumpy-looking weather.

I'm almost caught up on orders that piled up while I was gone, and then I get to tackle the orders that piled up this week while I was getting those out. I'm being firm and telling DA they get TWO days. Not 3.6, or five, TWO. I like the money and all, but dude.

Finally unpacked the car following ArctiCon today. Except for two boxes. It was slick, and they are cardboard - I wasn't willing to risk a disastrous spill just so I could say I finally unpacked my car without qualifiers.

We also purchased a vent fan for above the range - something we've desperately needed but that has been lower on the general list of house desires than, say, plumbing. (Stupid septic is still frozen! Our driveway's almost clear enough to get the thaw truck down!)

I spent an hour or two doing wiring and re-configuring the thing to run with horizontal ductwork (since the factory default is ductless, which has the fan bolted in the wrong position). It was a good deal - $147 for a really nice, high flow, low noise unit with back lights. It was on clearance for 25% off, and compared favorably to all the other models. It also has an infititely adjustable fan - nothing bugs me more than having two or three settings, none of which does exactly what you want. Jake started building the support frame for it, while I did the electrical wiring, and sooooon we'll be able to cook bacon without opening all the windows and turning on the ceiling fan.

Jake's making food noises at me, and I think I may go watch an episode of StarGate. (I have found that I only caught about half of season 5 while it was on the air, so I have several discs of 50% new material that has me feeling like it's Christmas. And of course, Wormhole-X-treme is SUCH a hoot. "What do you mean this isn't a real show? How could this not be a real show?")

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