Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Got a whole stack of orders out and fell into bed about 1 in the morning. Worked this morning. Nearly finished with taxes. (UGH!) House is cleaned, due to tax-procrastination. Cancelled my cross-stitch contract in the interests of pursuing one that pays more than $2.35 in a year. I mean, my art isn't that hawt, but it's hawter than that. Cat seems to have missed me, and spends most hours when I'm home making my legs go numb*. Must take and post photos, yes! Poked the bees nest that was the story team I took over and shook it up a bit and now have to do some followup (AFTER taxes). Not destitute yet.

*One of several inconveniences of being waif-like-skinny is that the lower portion of one's body goes numb due to prolonged sitting in one position. This hazard is increased ten-fold with the addition of a heavy, semi-conscious feline that makes cute grumpy noises when you move.
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