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The fair is five days past and I still haven't recovered. I have a pile of orders to fill (some from the fair, some since), I have my land to clear, I have art comissions that are waaaaay too old, I have three coloring books to finish compiling, three calendars to layout and tarot cards to finish layout on, print, laminate and cut. Oh yeah, and I'm getting married on Saturday. And I haven't written my vows yet. *sigh*

Yesterday I re-discovered my desk finally! And did 8 washers full of laundry. (The laundrymat owners were teasing me... Only half of it was mine! I did Jake's and a lot of the towels and sheets, too.) And four loads of dishes. And I finally filed some of the paperwork and reorganized my shelves. And I updated my webpage, posted a sale, went through my old catalog with a vicious red pen, and wrote some business emails (though I'm not done with that yet) *whew* It was a productive day.

I'm back at the day job today, but the work load is light. I've been working away at a third article for Woodworks. I'm a little disconcerted that I've got three horoscopes and two articles on the drive, but no one else has anything. I don't need another project on my plate that I end up carrying all the weight on. *displeased noise*

I sold a bunch of Elfwood T-shirts at the fair, and a lot of mousepads, too, but I'm still regretting dumping so much of my capital into the fundraiser items. 250 people claimed they would be purchasing T-shirts within 6 months or so when I ran that contest (more than 6 months ago). I think I've sold about 30, and mostly to people to whom I have to explain what Elfwood is. *more displeased noises* I keep forgetting, in my infinite naivety, that people just don't do what they say they will. I won't be doing another run of fundraiser items for Elfwood unless something drastically changes.

Oof... off to write my vows. I hate public speaking.

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