Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I'm back, I had a blast, I saw a whale and played with a pod of dolphins and saw sealions and snorkeled with an eel and went kayaking and 4-wheeling and read 4 novels and napped and stuffed myself silly. I'm about as tan as I've ever been (and still muy blanco*), I have many photos and a glass shotglass with a cactus in it, and did no art and did not check the Internet once and have less to catch up on than I feared I would. ArctiCon went well, and I am refreshed and revitalized!

Autoresponders and vacation toggles are turned off, though I'm understandably still behind on emails and got a lot of orders to fill, I should be back to usual turnarounds shortly.

I have no hope of catching up on my LJ friendslist, so if something momentous happened, or you have any news to share, tell me here! Come on, don't be shy, I want to know!

*Which is probably spelled wrong, but oh well!
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