Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Week in review

I worked.

Pretty much, that's it.

I've been doing freelance for my old job, which has been awfully entertaining - not a lot has changed, and it's been like a little crazed timewarp wherein half my gaming group works there (including Jennie, which ought to feel like a change but doesn't) and all the exact same amusement are there. Except that they've upgraded printers (thank god) and 'Jim' is 'James.' Everyone asks if I'm back 'for good,' and have seemed really glad to see me, which is just nice.

In the evenings, I mostly fill orders like a crazed monkey and try to keep up with emails and my forums and do anything on the lilypad and fill orders. Last night, Jake emailed me asking what I wanted for dinner. I (somewhat flippantly) told him fried chicken, corn on the cob, baked potatoe and green salad with chocolate cherry cake and white wine. And I got all of that except the chocolate cherry cake, and did not so much as crack the door to my studio. This evening there were chocolate covered cherries on my laptop when I came home. :)

I think he knew how freaked out I was about finding work/going back to work/admitting I was a failure and has been extra nice to me.

And while yes, I was terrified that I would have forgotten everything about AutoCad, I've picked it right back up, and have been able to do everything they've thrown at me, and they're really happy with me and it's been an awful relief. I really was afraid that a) I wouldn't find any work and b) I wouldn't be able to DO the work if I got it. I've got more next week, which is good and bad, because I've got 2 logos to do, t-shirts to print, orders to fill, I have to be prepped for ArtiCon before I go because I will be getting back Day Of, I really really really really wanted to have the EMG-Zine book subbed for proof before I left, and I wanted to be through the submission queue and have some web coding stuff fixed up. Hoe well. Time is a compressible fluid, at least somewhat.

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