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Grindstone update: Woo! Broke 3000. Now at 3398 words, scattered over two complete short stories and three unfinished. Got diddly done at work, but there are three of us working on about one persons worth of work, and I just can't bring myself to care. I always put out the effort these guys need in emergencies, and they don't seem displeased with me. I'm willing to push my luck a little. And damn, it feels so good to be able to be a little creative.

I'm tickled by the reaction to Mushrooms at Wyverns… I guess there are more die-hard romantics out there than I thought. :P At any rate, the trolls have passed me over so far.

Drew one quick portrait last night on the tinted paper… I like the effect of the white highlights very much, though I mucked up her mouth a bit, and the white doesn't erase, of course. It isn't very bold, but I'm going to leave well enough alone for now. Maybe it will work for the Project. Hmm… Hopefully I'll have some more doodle time tonight, but there's a pile of other things that need done, too.

We haven't worked on the house in weeks and weeks now… and, while it would be convenient to have water, I'm just not in much of a hurry. I really burnt out this fall, and being back at work, with the business back in active mode, I'd only drive myself crazy if I was trying to build in the evenings, too. Jake and I talked about me going back to 32 hours, and decided we could do that, but it would be better if I just took a day off every couple of weeks as needed. I'm already planning what I'll be doing with my next day off: contract renewals, merchandise for Ursula, Tarot cards for RWH, and a few more webpage touch-ups. Maybe by that time I'll have print files and new contracts, and can add some new work. New work is always a plus for business. At any rate, I was very happy to note that the webpage changes I made Monday have helped, and hits are coming in through the new pages now. I need to write to Thomas and ask him to update the Elfwood merchandise link.

Ugh… wasting time writing this when I should be increasing my Grindstone word count. Or working. *flogs self* An iota of self control, Ellen? Is that too much to ask?

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