Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

State of the day...

Poo! ArctiCon is going to be the day I get back from Mexico. I get off the plane at about 10 in the morning (pretty close to when it starts), having been in various airports since about noon the day before. Ugh. Not much I'll be able to do to help set up! Will be brain-toast for the entire day, no doubt.

Lessee - I figured out how to set up my shopping cart to send auto-confirmations. It was stupidly easy and I'm embarassed I hadn't done so before. It's all personalized and everything. V. spiff.

I have more EMG work up!

I have made contact with that freelance job thing, they are not unhappy, but not quite satisfied, but slammed, so I'm in holding pattern, which is okay by me. :)

I have finished and 'illustrated' (re-sized photos) the photoshoot article and posted it to EMG-Zine for editing. About to tackle a guest opinion piece to take the place of Wombat Droppings for March - I have a paragraph done. Big shoes to fill, it's scary. Then I have to do a review. Must chase down penmage and Doris and see where we stand with those reviews, too.

About to tackle the anthology some more - I got some more print files, and I DESPERATELY need to start asking for more, now that the art pages are pretty much finalized.

In holding patterns on the coloring books - should get the proof for the gothic book soooooon, I hope, and the other is delayed while the printer catches up.

Posted a new contest/submission-thingy at EMG - looking for card borders and backs for the Portrait Adoption character cards I want to offer.

Got the roughs done for another freelance thingy - this one will be miles more fun and shouldn't be as time-consuming. It's of course an ASAP thing, so I'll be slaving on that over the next few days.

Now, food. And maybe a StarGate, 'cause I've been productive and my brain needs a break.
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