Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

So, that was my weekend...

I am finally almost caught up on orders.

All the t-shirts are made, and packaged (except one, which I discovered should've been a babydoll and not a unisex - AFTER the heatpress had already cooled) and all the other orders are cut and glued and packaged and waiting in my car for mail-drop (would've gone out last night, but I didn't realize the box area closed at 11 PM). Two orders came in today that I haven't invoiced yet. But, basically, caught up! It took most of Saturday, and in the evening I went and watched 4 episodes of Battlestar Galactica with the bellydancers. Fun!

Thanks for the hugs and well wishes over the last week - it's been a hard one and I nearly deleted the last several entries, but hey, it's livejournal - where else can I whine and moan and feel sorry for myself?

We got the toilet in today! Well, almost...

The bowl is down. The tank is hooked up. The inlet piping is good through the floor. Alas, we ran out of compression rings - we had 1 and needed 6. In going to start my car to go buy some (so I could have a toilet DARN IT), I discovered the tire was flat again, and about an hour of trying to fill it resulted in the allowance that darn it, it had a bad leak. So, Jake and I changed it for the spare and it'll have to go in to get patched. Worse, his truck is leaking brake fluid (and as the water hauling vehicle, we're back to conserving water). WORSE, the vents in our house are frozen up, so even if we HAD finished the darn toilet, it would glug horribly when it was flushed. We've figured a workaround to this, but it'll take some creative plumbing.

Changing the tire was almost fun. It's 10 below, which makes doing anything outside an adventure. I chipped off part of the hubcap removing it, 'cause it was so cold and brittle. And, being an occasional idiot, I forgot to set the parking brake, so the first time I cranked the car up, it rolled forward and fell off the jack. Brilliant! For a bad moment, I thought I was going to lose my car over the embankment. The second time, I set the brake AND put roll blocks on the opposite tire. There was a moment that I thought, by the similar sound, that it was going to roll off the jack again, but then Norway appeared around the back end of the car very triumphantly showing off the tire block that he'd just drug out to bring to me. Such a goof. We put the block back (with a firm 'leave it!'), and the rest of the tire change went smoothly.

So, that was my weekend. Tomorrow I gotta get some more EMG work up, and work on the EMG-Zine anthology, and call about the freelance project that I turned in without input!

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