Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Utterly frustrating weekend... but...

What a weekend. Totally frustrating, and so much went wrong it isn't even funny. For every step forward, it felt like there were three back, and the only thing missing was a trip to the hospital or a death in the family. Truly, a very taxing weekend, all three days of it, and we only finally stopped working about an hour ago.

Highlights of this weekend: learned how to wire a switch, developed a deep distaste for stranded wire, gained a few new minor scars and VERY sore shoulder muscles and fingertips, too many extra trips to town, frozen water tube while trying to drain the truck tank - spent about 30 mintues with the hairdryer thawing the fixtures. We also added another breaker to the fusebox, and I nearly destroyed our sink fixture (and honestly thought I *had* for a very bad hour).

However, it was entirely worth it, because I now have running water.

Seriously, you tip up this shiny handle at the sink, and water runs out of the faucet.

It's only cold water, and the toilet isn't in, and it took way, way longer than we thought to get it hooked up, and it isn't entirely up to city code (which doesn't matter, 'cause we aren't in the city), and I didn't get much unwind time, but who gives a crap... I have running water!!!

Oh yeah.

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