Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I feel in need of some... grounding.

Jake has hockey tonight, and I was going to work late - maybe finish some freelance stuff, fill orders, work on a submitted description, do some coding, even write - just something productive. But dear heavens, I feel Burnt Out. Totally frayed at the seams and in need of some down time. I haven't had any in weeks - weekends are plumbing and other commitments, weeks are stuffed more full than any February week ought to be. It's worth it, I guess, I've sure gotten a lot done (though I caught myself zoning out too many times today when I should've been working), but I need me-time, too.

So, I'm gunna go have a glass of wine, watch some StarGate (season 4! It was on sale! I haven't seen it since I was renting disc-by-disc from Block Buster ages ago and it has at least two of my top 10 episodes (Window of Opportunity and 2010 (2020?)).)

{Overuse of parenthesis is probably a sign of impending mental instability and I should take this as a sign to go make dinner and start goofing off already...)
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