Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Ellen whines...

I need more art time. I'm not improving! And who would, without practice? It's beginning to drive me a little batty. I get so frustrated watching people improve and improve around me, and know that I could be better than I am, if I only had the *time.* Damn day job. Damn house. Damn business. I spend far more time on other peoples' art that I do on my own these days.

I have salved my bitter jealousy a tad by buying more art supplies. Portable stuff that I hope I can use without much fuss or setup: one poseable wooden model (8"), one pad of miscellaneous tinted paper and one white pencil for highlighting on aforementioned pad. I went $1.27 over my $25 gift certificate. (Not bad for an Ellen unleashed in an art store.)

I am so croning for a series of computer toys. I want a digital camera. I want a tablet. And I want a Palm with full-sized keyboard so that I can write on the go. I'd prefer art time, mind you, but I would settle for toys. Ideally, I'd get toys and time. Really ideally, I'd get toys and time and a lot of money and slave boys to do my bidding. Realistically, I may get an hour tonight while I try to tune out the TV.

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