Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I'm looking foward to the weekend... though I don't expect it not to be busy. I have some freelance work to do (waiting on feedback now), we're going to work on plumbing (we have water in the tank!!! All we have to do is wire the pump, do some fusebox work, and connect to the sink! We may even get the toilet seated! And connected! I'll be happy with running sink water for this weekend. :P), and I'm going to the commune to watch part of season 3 BSG with the bellydancers. Ee!

Got through a slug of submissions, and uploaded a new coloring book to be printed. Might be a bit of a delay on that one, as it looks like the printer is having some equipment difficulties. I can relate.

T-shirts are in, so I'll be making some of those this afternoon, to be mailed when I go into town tomorrow. Also have to work on the anthology (*wails at how loooooong it's taking*).

And I want to clean my studio. Sunday is the Chinese New Year, and I want to encourage good luck. Plus, it's easier and happier working in a clean studio. I don't understand how it disaster-izes so quickly!

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