Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Coding projects...

Lilypad stuff

~System for deletion of pictures, and for getting 'declined' pieces to 'delete' status for artists.
~Image generation from _sub file.
~Art supply integration. (Figure out how to do multiple oddball items w/ one description...)

Giftshop stuff

~Redo look of purchase pages to be more clear. Descriptions in popup???
~Add first/last 10 browsing
~Complicated search form that allows multi-imput searching. IE: dragon stationery, not just dragon OR stationery.

PA stuff

~Complicated search form.
~Solution for ever-expanding artist list on sidebar... (possibly just get rid of it)

River Twine stuff

~Admin form to add ancestor short-CIS
~CIS blurbs - both ancestor and full, separated? - figure out what to do with character portraits. Probably an admin/art director upload form that overwrites existing file. Each character should show: portrait, owner (or adoptable), blurb text, link to CIS.
~Member pages - overview page lists all, individual pages list other stuff. Screened public/members only.
~Organize stories - by category? by...??
~Add 'ancestors' category to art organization
~comments on comments.
~Remind self why I'm doing this...
~Change 'membership' to join
~Add members page to left links
~Kyntha/Leonie to provide new text for joining page
~Setting page: remove numbers and make links font smaller?
~Sort articles by category - eventually
~Search form
~council gets admin access to timeline and news

Torn World

~Start sitework.
~Add more to the forums, and make pretty.

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