Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Blech! We did plumbing ALL day, and dear god that glue is toxic. It's an ugly kind of high, worse than markers, even in good airflow, and the stuff we had to glue in the basement was not in any kind of airflow. Took lots of air breaks, but it's still lingery. Probably killed off whole colonies of brain cells.

But hey, our pump and pressure tank are plumbed in. Plumbing to the hot water tank is ready. Plumbing into the storage tank is done. Plumbing is most of the way to the kitchen sink, and to the bathroom fixtures. We done good.

Actually, we're disgustingly close to having water come out of the kitchen sink, and to having a toilet. A TOILET. Inside, where it's warm! Velcro's going to be disappointed. (Right now, she sleeps on the pile of winter clothes filling up the toilet, which is upstairs next to our bedroom...)

Wow, tired.

Tomorrow - photo shoot with bellydancers!

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