Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Printing stuff is expensive.

I've spent the last few hours in an utterly futile round-n-round looking for a place that would print the anthology reasonably with random color inserts. Bah. Doesn't exist. So, we get a chunk of color in the middle, and go with a printer I've used and trust for a price that still makes me wince (but not TOO badly) and I can't include everything I wanted to. Oh well! I feel like I've wasted my whole day doing nothing! But that's not quite true, 'cause I did get new EMG designs up, and did some of the layout and worked on some orders, too. Just spent too long looking up folks at BBB and chasing down companies that no longer exist/are too expensive/look shifty.

And Tuesdays always feel short 'cause I go into town for gaming.

Off to eat a late lunch.

Quick question for the masses: what ratio of art&fiction versus non-fiction would you consider acceptable? Right now it's about 1/3 2/3, heavy on the non-fiction, but I'm considering that maybe it should be 1/4 3/4?

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