Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mmm... lunch.

Better than foot!

Bunch of orders I'm getting out today (after I finish lunch and clean my fingers, anyway), and I LOVE my new laser printer. Makes stationery MUCH easier.

So, after two months of trying to get in touch with PCMALL customer service, my last, very peeved email finally got a reply. No followup yet, and a slightly canned sounding 'we strive for good service and are sorry you are displeased...' but it's more hopeful than silence. They owe me shipping money, dammit!

Waiting to hear back on a quote for the EMG-Zine anthology, as it will greatly influence which of these final articles I can squeeze in, and where they will go.

I went to Barnes and Noble on Tuesday after I heard gaming was cancelled and looked at the competition for a while. There's nothing really like what I'm putting together, but there were art books, and illustrated story books, and I found two watercolor/fairy books that I flipped through. In one case: good job, but very specific, so isn't directly competitive, and the other was the same way, but not quite as neat. Good walkthroughs, but the art choice was baffling - they picked some of my least favorites of those artists. Layout was nice in all cases, but somewhat uninspired, and in many of the art books, it looks like they had a template to follow, and it's somewhat boring. (Though in many of the above cases, WOW, the art itself was blow-away good, and the boring layout wasn't true in all cases.) Came home reaffirmed that I was at least headed in the right direction, and could certainly hold my own with the Big Guys.


Feeling rather jazzed and energized... going into town this afternoon to soak in the hot tub at the local rec center with mom - my shoulders need it, and it's a lot faster/easier than going out to the Hot Springs, if not quite as much fun. Then Jake and I are going out to dinner with another couple-friends of ours, and then to a hockey game with them. Should be fun! I don't think I've ever eaten at Chilis before, but I like Amer-mexi food. :)

Back to work!

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