Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Chuffed with self...

Go me! I was pretty sure I would 'make do' on the review side of submissions, maybe even have to update the database manually to get everything working just right. But no, I rule, I got everything I needed to entirely ironed out, fixed a bunch of little annoying bugs, re-did the image generation so that it makes what needs to be made. I still want to automate it a little more - the image generation in particular, so that I don't have to download anything... but YAY, even if I don't get that done, I got a lot of it fixed very neatly.

I still have to make some way to simultaneously delete entries from both tables (otherwise, believe me - disaster), so 'deleted' entries will hang around all messy-like for a little longer, but that's a small inconvenience, I'm way ahead of where I feared I'd be by now, and honestly READY for submissions to be open tomorrow. (Code-wise, anyway... mentally? Who knows. I'm never really ready for it. It's HARD.)

And yes, new work is going up: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/fantasyart/

For the broken record parts of this entry: Submit Arabian Nights themed work to EMG-Zine by tomorrow! Ursula's shirt sale ends tomorrow!

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