Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

EMG-Zine anthology aaaaaahhhhhsss....


I've been staring at this far too long. I keep switching things around - should I investigate all the materials and different medias, and then go into ideas and thumbnailing? I liked starting with ideas... it's a good place to start. But it's not exactly chronological - or is it? Do you formulate an idea, refine a sketch and THEN decide what it will be in final media? Do I discuss the hazards of different medias in with the how-to section or stick it in the art and life section? Where do the technical bits (mostly mine) about how to mess with print files and printers go? That's not really marketing. Is the writing for magazines article marketing? It's more marketing than technique... sort of. And does writing go first, since there is less of it, or can I mix it up in the middle of all the art? Maybe I'll put it after the chunk of art and fiction... And how much of this needs to be color (cause that jacks up the price!) and how many pages can I get away with, 'cause I don't want to cut any of this and how am I going to do royalties when some folks are taking up just a fraction of a page and I have to keep the price affordable enough to wholesale and why won't the damn page numbers work and why can't I make a tiny multi-page floating footer that doesn't take up the entire bottom margin of a page and... see first line of this entry and repeat.

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