Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Because I am backwards in the head...

...I have fixed it so that I can review EMG submissions, but not so that folks can submit them yet. Frankly, I got stuck. It's erroring out on me, and I can't pinpoint the problem. I've got a 'please help me, I'm clueless!' note into one of my coders, so hopefully I'll get it ironed out eventually here. :) It's a helluva script, 'cause it has to detect a bunch of image properties, and do some resizing magick and check for format and... and ... and...

Did some more lilypad updating, and am getting more comfortable in those databases.

Invoiced nearly forty orders this morning and gathered up the materials for them, am distressed by my level of ink, and need to order more. Also got some emails out of the way and sent announcements to various update lists.

Now I have to take a brisk walk with the dog before it's completely dark (yes, it gets dark about now!), and then do some art, and then work on EMG-Zine.

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