Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

ALL EMG artists!

Hey folks, you should get an email about it, too, but be SURE to log into the lilypad and accept the contract changes I made. :) Failure to do so by the end of February will remove your work from online.

I think I've whipped that script into shape - if you haven't yet accepted the new stuff, it should take you to a page explaining all the changes and give you some choices. Anyone who's NOT a current EMG giftshop artist shouldn't see anything different than usual when they log into the lilypad. Yay coding!

Next up, new submissions! Feeling pretty good about this coding stuff...

Tomorrow, I'm back to a regular work schedule. Woe! Many, many emails to answer.

Oh, and I'm doing a special order for one of Ursula's designs on shirts: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/fantasyart/ursula.php

Running low-ish on her calendars, so order sooner than later. Almost out of the Why Fantasy... calendars. (Marie - I've got one saved for you, sorry I haven't emailed yet!)

Cleaned my studio yesterday, it practically shines. I wasn't going to go back to work without a little bit more organization. Not happily, anyway. I am awfully energized and really ready to tackle a bunch of things. The EMG-Zine Anthology hums along (though it ALWAYS takes longer than I want it to...), and is going to rock. The Gothic coloring book is uploaded to the printer. I about ready to tackle 'what's fantasy' for Fantastic Portfolios, and other tips and guidelines. (Still need more beta testers! Only 5 pieces are in our critics queue! If you crave great critiques, here's your chance to get them in style and speed and help us refine and unify our site! http://fantasticportfolios.com/salon/ )

Chocolate all around!

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