Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Code is eating my brain!

Have finished coding the page for Ursula's t-shirts. (It's not online yet, quit checking...)

Have finished re-doing guidelines for EMG (but not EMG-Zine yet), and rewrote bits of the contract and redid wholesale fees and added keychains and the new bookmark format and changing a few other product details.

Working now on lilypad stuff - trying desperately to cobble together script that will record artist acceptance of new terms and take non-acceptances offline. I've sort of made heads or tails out of what exactly I WANT it to do, now let's see if it'll do it... :P Nice an obedient-like, please. No eating the database. (Which I did, at least, thoughtfully back up before I started this dog-n-pony show.)
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