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Art Archives: 2004

Ah, 2004. This is the year I went nuts. The dots kept me from going completely wacko. Towards the end of October, I finally got fed up trying to juggle my job and my Job, and gave them notice of leave. On December 12, I got on a plane for the carribean, never to return to that desk again. (Though currently I freelance for them. They were great people, I just was trying to do waaaay too much.)

This... is not finished. I'm not sure, now, where I was going with it, but it was some happy play in digital. I don't know that I'll ever go back to it. I find I'm too... something... for much digital work. Distractable, maybe?

Just a doodle-thang, playing with comparative sizes.

Dots! I doubt I will ever give up my dots. :)

More dots. Originally a PA piece, but I put it in the Dotminatrix coloring book, and though I could still leave it at PA technically, I thought that was a bit of a stretch of the *spirit* of the site, so I took it down. It's not like I don't have a bucket of PA pieces available!

Ditto! I love her skirt.

I love drawing stone. Broken old carved stone is my favorite, and nothing *really* captures it like stippling.

There are parts of this I like, but it doesn't hang together as well as I'd like.

Probably my most popular of the year, I love the trees (and all those eyes!), but am iffy on the figure.

Drawn for watergazer.

Sketches for a calendar for the now-defunct Rushwater Holt.

I detest this piece. It was a great idea, but the execution just falls flat for me. I like the ink better, of course, but even that has too many flaws for me to actually LIKE it.

Hey, we're almost caught up to real time! Wow! Just two more years to cover...

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