Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Worked on plumbing today, and got quite far. The bathroom is cleaned out - it's been a storage room for all of our construction stuff since it was built, so it took some doing to turn it back into buildable space. The basement has been cleared away from the outgoing plumbing areas we'll need to access. We got the shower all assembled and ready for inlet water, and it's about ready to be set in place and get plumbed into the drain. Maybe tomorrow??? It'd be neat to take an indoor shower tomorrow night, even if it's still manually heated and poured. All that needs to be done for the toilet now is to set it on the base. And plumb the inlet water. (Though frankly, it could also be used manually with buckets...)

I'm beat, and headed for bed. Horray for progress towards water!

Much slacking in other quarters, sorry for all the slow replies and such. Sleep now.

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