Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I take it ALL back! (EMG-Zine anthology stuff)

I so owe you guys an apology. I have a tendency to look at EMG-Zine just one month at a time, and then generally just at the features dropdown, which is terribly short-sighted of me.

I've started layout on the anthology, and can I just say: YOU GUYS ROCK.

I was horribly concerned that it was going to be lots of me, and skimpy, and I complained and whined terribly and no one kicked me like I probably deserved. I was SO wrong.

This is a masterful list of content, and it's going to be an absolutely awesome book. You guys supplied amazing stuff - I'm a notorious skinflint, and even I'd buy this thing; it's that useful. I just went back through all the 2006 issues, and this is a great little e-zine (she says humbly). It's just the level of serious versus light that I wanted to hit. It may look a little light in content some months - until you realize that every one of those columns is it's OWN fabulous feature. The galleries got slim some months, and there were a few months without fiction, but I can't complain about that, really - art and fiction were never the spotlight of the thing. :)

Go you!

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