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*points to subject line* That's my budget right now. Oy! I dumped a lot of money on improvements this year, and I haven't regreted a single one of those (okay, maybe one or two minor ones...), but wah! Happy for taxes, but not so happy to be running the accounts so low.

If you have been considering/debating/thinking about a Fantastic Portfolios membership, please consider harder. :) Coding's out of my pocket right now! And those aren't deep pockets! If you purchase a 1 or 2 year membership, you MAY upgrade at no penalty to an Eternal membership before we go out of beta (I'll give lots of warning, no worries), and you DO get to enjoy the paid perks for the entire beta period, as well. :)

I need to get cooking on drumming up some more interest in it. Mostly stuff has been happening well behind the scenes, so it's natural that it's fallen off people's radar.

So... yeah. Money's always awkward to talk about, of course... and I wish I could pay my artists tons more. This year was particularly baffling - there are several artists who I expected to send much larger checks to. Some of it is that new or understocked galleries don't get the attention they deserve, and if they don't have a lot of websales, I don't generally have the stock on hand for showing them off at fairs, but some of it is just weird, too. I always feel guilty for not doing better at this point in pay... I tell myself 'that's $7.55 they wouldn't otherwise have!' but it still feels lame and unhelpful. If you didn't catch the EMG-Zine news (HEY, new issue is up!), I will be going non-exclusive this year. I sort of liked the exclusive 'can't find it elsewhere' angle I had, but I can't feel good about keeping artists from possibly making money elsewhere, and lots of people found the rules complicated. I don't like policing, either. This will simplify my life.

Talked some with Jake about going back to work. Will definitely be picking up some freelance graphic designing (or the like) in the near future to augment bills, 'cause we're right on the edge with just his paychecks.

Okay, off to do some work.

What vacation? (Actually, it's been really restful, and I'm feeling fairly energized, if poor. :))

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