Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Post-Christmas recovery and year in review

My Christmas was nice. Quiet, not too stressful, got stuff I like, already got the harp I've been pining for since I was 11. :)

I hope yours was at least half as nice!

Yesterday, we decided to install my lights. This was for 2 reasons: 1) the box holding the lights has been taking up valuable EMG real estate since the studio was built! 2) I was really, really croning for some light. Now, I have light!

It was not as simple as anticipated.

First, the last run of ceiling boards had to go up. That took some time. Then, we discovered that we'd put the wires in the wrong places, so Jake had to climb into the attic and we had to place them differently. That took more time. Then we discovered that we had to jury-rig some of the unfinished switches. So we did that, and I wired in the lights and installed the bulbs, and we turned the power back on. Nada. No response from the switch. Got the voltometer out and found no juice going to the switch in question. Opened up the fusebox... ah. Upstairs lights had never been wired in! Fortunately, it was well-labeled, so we killed the power to the house and wired in a whole new fuse!

Horrah! The lights worked! Switch on: lights! Switch off... still lights?? Doh! We'd wired one of the downstream switches wrong! Undid that, and they work WONDERFULLY. I want to get a tanning mat - these suckers put out LIGHT. Very good for the mood. I play with the switch everytime I walk past it. *grins* Just 'cause I can. :)

So I've been feeling a little uncertain about what I've *done* this year, feeling like it couldn't possible be enough. I mean, hey, I didn't get 50K words written in November, let alone 400K for the year like SOME people on my f-list. I didn't get an agent. I didn't sell billions. I didn't put out a piece of art every month. (Well, not a MAJOR piece, anyway, turns out I did finish SOMETHING every month...) I did, however, get two tarot readings that totally unnerved and excited me, and they agreed in their messages right down to the heart-of-the-matter card being the Sun in each case. So, maybe... just maybe I'm on the right track.

I also sat down and figured out what I DID get done this year, and holy moly. I guess I wasn't sitting on my hands...


Launched EMG-Zine, and followed with 12 issues, all but one on time. First several issues were hand-coded until backend was finished.
Submissions were open for 2 weeks. Hundreds of submissions! Dozens of new artists!
New Sticker and Magnet sizes
New window clings
New totes
New buttons
ACEO stock and prints through print services.
Wholesale shopping cart added.
New PA site launched.
New shopping cart features added - calculated shipping instead of flatrates.
Two calendars - one multiartist, and one Ursula's.
Ursula's t-shirt madness
EMG Printshop to beta stage*
Moved into my studio (no more commute!!)
Built bookcases and unpacked about half my books
Replaced the alternator in my car. By Myself.
Launched my own site.
Reprinted Fishbowl Fantasies
Victoria's Faeries II
Reprinted Rum and Ruffians (though I don't have the stock yet... should in a week or two)
Taxes (I still do them myself)
Wrote up a kick-ass business plan that wowed the SBA, but wasn't willing to go into that much debt. Period.
New cutter, new ACEO punch, new laser printer, new laminator, new button maker, new external harddrive, upgraded Xyron, new scanner
Best April Fool's prank EVER.
Rough draft of about 35% of Ursula's book
Adding matting to EMG. (Will probably remove it - no one's ordered it!)
Did a Dragon*Con panel
Installed bathroom door, front door trim, window sills and sink faucet.
Learned more about php and mySQL than the FDA recommends.
Started Fantastic Portfolios!
Fixed and did design of River Twine site.


Women's Affair (won't do again)
Highlands (will!)
UWA bazaar


Celtic Fey ACEO
chainmail girl
Mermaid Valentine ACEO
Gossamer (not up yet!)
Moonsong ACEO
Sheera ACEO
color on Druid's Wind
blade ACEO
Dragonfly girl ACEO
Wings and Water self-portrait
Personal Space
Horned Owl ACEO
Seeds ACEO
Summer Bubbles
Victorian Fairy ACEO
Mt Sukapuk
Ice and Sky
Flower Fairy ACEO
Pouring the Moon
Silly sappy fanart
Dragons and Elf commission
Carry the Moon ACEO
Technical ear diagrams (1 of 3 shown)
Redid color on this piece for adoption customization.
More fun fanart
Magazine illo for Space and Time
Ken and Lys
Sheera and Aruver
Niyati and husband
River Twine art.
Scratches ACEO
Dryad ACEO
These Five Portrait Adoption Portraits.
Sheera and... I forget her name
and her!
Quick Fang

Plus several other sketchy things.


Painting in the Rain
Romancing an Art Director
How to Write an Article
Inkjet fixems
Cleaning Scans
Stitching Scans
7 Marketing tips
Fine Art of Prints
A few Jenny/Bjorn scenes
Nearly 30K on Torn World
Past, Present and Future Tense, and Positive (Kadanzer)
Too Much Truth (River Twine)
Ghosts in the Forum for EMG-Zine.

I will have to do a big thank you post in a bit - I've gotten the most wonderful cards and gifts from you guys. Thank you! *love*

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