Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Christmas Eve Eve

Oh, I guess technically it's Christmas Eve already. This was the crappiest CEE that I've had since last year, but I suppose I've probably gotten my holiday freak-out out of the way, and I did have two days to mostly unwind before it hit, so it wasn't as catastrophic as some years.

It's not that I dislike the holidays... I love the lights and the happy generous bits, but the stress I could easily do without. The last minute 'what am I going to get {insert family member}' this year?! The panicked feeling that {insert family member} isn't going to like their gift... or that maybe you already GAVE them one of these last year? Or that you won't have enough food that {insert family member} is going to be able to eat (or like). Or that you're a grinch for moving the gathering to Christmas Eve and putting it at the least accessible house. (The one with no plumbing...) Or that {insert family member} is going to drive you nuts. Since I'll only have a family of four this year, some people have to play more than one role. Which makes me feel guilty for not having arranged it so that the nephews could be here - I'm a horrible aunt. A horrible aunt who would be even more nervous with nephews running around in her very UN-young-person-safe house.

We're all suffering the season - I haven't seen the sun in at least a week now, maybe two - and my parents are both feeling the affects of the cold. (I pondered briefly, tiredly, over affects/effects and decided it was close enough for a blog entry either way...)

This'll probably be the last Christmas with my folks for a long while. They're very sadly looking to move to more comfortable climes. They love it here, but the cold is too hard on them now - mom's got asthma and damage to her lungs and heart from... um... clots. I forget the medical name. I miss the heck out of her already, and feel guilty for being all stay-at-home and not visiting more with her now while I can.

I have been of the most incredible suckage when it comes to my email. And commissions.

I will be so glad when this stupid season is past.

So as not to make the day a total loss (what with the tears and despair and 8 episodes of comfort TV), I coded this into the PA site: http://portraitadoption.com/searchprice.php

And in the plus column for the day that's coming up, I got a Mod's Choice at Elfwood: http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/m/i/million/pouringmoonink.jpg.html

Oh, and last night, we installed our new kitchen faucet. It's not actually connected to water, yet, but it is a distinct aesthetic improvement over empty holes in the sink base. I'll take pictures!

Bed now.

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