Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Stick a fork in me! Yay vacation!

Well, it's a working vacation, but hey.


ACEO print order
Shut down site. Try not to kill code.

Before Christmas:

Webspace for valdary
Commissions (2)
Get scrap plans from Jennie and wrap Xmas presents. Buy xmas presents for gaming group. Don't particularly care to brave day-after shopping.

Before years end:

Emails, as in all of them.
RTH site - and start TW site.
Art: For Pathfinders, RTH stuff
Gothic Coloring Books (2!)
Article for EMG-Zine, at least a review of Book Mobile
Artists pay and year-end financing.
Order Clearbags
Inventory and order paper and t-shirts.
Send checks for coding stuff.

Before 'vacation' is up:

Script for TW
New front page graphic
New site graphics?
Finish EMG-Zine anthology
New submissions????
Application for residency in Denali
Two more personal coloring book pages

Which looks like a lot, but I've got a WHOLE month with no orders to fill to do that in. :)

Now, I'm going to take me, in my bathrobe, and my sketchbook, downstairs to watch an episode (or three) of StarGate and doodle for FUN.
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