Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Monday, monday!

Can't seem to connect to AIM today! Ho-well.

Also, however, cannot connect to any of my sites, which is less ho-well.

Got orders out, and email works, so I beat my inbox back down to about 65 messages. Installed the replacement printer! Horrah! Need to call customer service about shipping, seeing as I paid it three times on this sucker - once to get it, once to send it back because it was literally broken and once to ship the replacement to me. I am not happy about having to pay it all upfront, and they'd BETTER be reimbursing me. (Shipping to Alaska on heavy laser printer != cheap)

I'll get my harp strings a few days after Christmas! In the meantime, I'm still playing, just sort of nodding my head at the missing note and wondering what I'll use as a reference when that string is there and there's not a blank spot telling me where A is. :P

More later - paint now, I think...

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