Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Taking a Break! 20 Dec - 20 January 2007

I'm taking a bit of a break for the next month to catch up on a few projects! Orders placed after the 20th have almost no chance of getting to their destinations before Christmas, and the time after Christmas tends to be a bit slow.

Status of each EMG area:

EMG Giftshop (the multi-artist shopping area): Closed entirely! All shopping links will be turned off during this time, though you'll still be able to browse the artwork and read information about the artists. If we're very lucky, we'll come back with new artwork available!

Portrait Adoption: Artists will still be able to submit new work, and web adoptions will be fulfilled immediately (or within 48 hours), but standard adoption prints will not be sent until everything re-opens.

EMG Printshops: Will be closed. We are still in beta testing, and there are several areas I want to see re-coded before I release it from beta.

EMG Printing Services: Closed. No orders may be placed or filled during this time.

My personal site: Closed. No updates or orders will be placed or filled.

EMG-Zine: Will update as usual on Jan 1! Please remember that we are seeking 'pig' art and fiction until that date!

What I'll be doing:

Compiling and publishing the 2006 EMG-Zine anthology.

Compiling and publishing an artbook for Ursula Vernon.

Finishing and publishing a Gothic/Dark Fantasy Coloring Book.

Backend coding for nearly all areas of EMG.

Calculating artist pay and year-end finances.

Re-writing artist guidelines and FAQ for the giftshop, EMG-Zine, Portrait Adoption, Printing Services, and Fantastic Porfolios. Also, doing some menu rearrangement to make things easier to find!

Changing the look and layout of several areas of EMG.

Setting up some helper minions to help me with my email load.

My own art and writing and learning to play a harp!

Gathering together an application for an artist residency in Denali Park for the summer of 2007. :)

And maybe even some time off.

I will be around the forums and checking emails most of this time, so if you end up with an emergency of any kind and NEED an order filled, you can always ask! I will not be checking things quite as regularly as I usually do, so it may take a little longer.

Let me know if you have any questions!
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