Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Cat Owners!

I have a burning question for cat owners.

How the hell do you keep them out of a recliner? I've already shut Velcro into the inner workings of our double recliner twice now, and I'm deadly afraid I'm going to squash something vital one of these times. We chase her out whenever we catch her headed under the footrest, but she still manages to squirrel under there when we aren't paying attention. One of the times I shut her in, she stayed there overnight… I couldn't figure out why she wasn't downstairs meowing for food the next morning until I heard her weak, pathetic meows from the loveseat. You'd think she'd learn, but I don't have much faith in the memory of felines, and she's had to be extricated since then.

In other cat news, Velcro got into her stash of catnip, chewed open the bags, and spread it across the downstairs. I was so grateful that she didn't destroy the toilet paper that was on the same shelf (being dangerously low of the precious material) that I didn't do much but throw out the chewed up bags.

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