Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesday post!

I still need to make my December gameplan - now that it's halfway through. (OMG HALFWAY THROUGH!! *panics*)

I've got two orders to get out today - one mousepad, one t-shirt and about 20 cards left to do on them, and then... I'm basically done for the season, simply because of shipping logistics. They can still order, but can't really expect to get anything by Christmas after today. (Though honestly, knock on wood, I've been VERY pleasantly suprised by shipping speed this year and think I could push it by several days!)

This reminds me that I have not ordered anything for the husband. I have no idea what to get him. *flounders*

Sunday, instead of working (Because I REALLY do try to take weekends off. Crazy Ellen = no good), I coded on the rivertwine.com site. What I've done isn't public yet, but I am SO chuffed with myself. Figured out some tricky (for me!) coding bits, and did some lovely layout things that I like very much. I'd say this was all selfless of me to do this, but my nefarious plot is to use this same code base for my own projects, and I'm calling this a learning project so that it's easier for me to set up my own. (I have the okay from the original code monkey, Of Course.)

Yesterday, I filled orders. And got them ALL out. Very happy about that!

I have some gameplanning to do for EMG-Zine, but that's sort of a different post. This is randomness of the best kind, and I don't want it to get lost.

First posts memememe, in which it becomes obvious what happens at the first of the month...


EMG-Zine is live.


I'm coding EMG-Zine as fast as I can... this whole week has been utterly nuts. And it's only Wed.

(The second is more fun: If I propose ANY project in the next two months, shoot me. Don't ask questions, don't hesitate, don't be dazzled by the juicy prospect of the project, no matter how tempting. Just shoot me. It will save me much misery later.)


I have four pages left to put up for EMG-Zine, and some headers to make.


I am very chuffed with myself over how many people I was able to fool.

(Ha ha! Wasn't that an awesome joke?!)


I feel famous. :)



You know what doesn't help get an e-zine up??

Six HOURS without power.


I need a panic icon...


It worked, it worked! EMG-Zine July went on-line automatically, all by itself, some time while I was sleeping last night.


No, not PA, sorry - but EMG-Zine for August is up!


Dragon*Con was lovely.


I actually had a lovely weekend, earlier whining aside.


Just finished posting EMG news at EMG-Zine, and fixing up a couple of things over there as it rolled over to its new issue automatically.


It's been a work weekend - I cleaned the studio (desperately needed) and have been working on a big freelance project that needs to be finished - with input and revisions - by Thursday.

I think I need hot cocoa, marshmellows and cheese. No time, though - gotta finish these orders, and hussle into town to do some laundry before gaming tonight.

Also, you guys put the COOLEST things in my stockings. I was just giving out stupid things like toothpicks - you were all serious and gave me stuff I actually crave! :P

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