Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Harping on one thing!

Excellent post via mizkit about why wordcounts (etc) are important. Reminds me that I haven't done an end of month review and next month plan for far too long.

I get my harp today.

Printing t-shirts! Hopefully the last of them - my paper finally came in yesterday. I think I'm caught up on other orders - except one window-cling that I need for one order.

I get my harp today.

My sites appear to be down, which makes me snarly.

I get my harp today.

I'm still mighty pleased with myself over the alternator. Jake was not at all surprised and said, "Well of course you could! Why haven't you installed the water yet?" On that note, we have an enormous box in the living room. At the moment, it is keeping the cat, who has figured out how to open a cabinet, from getting in and scarfing down all her food. She's already gotten in twice and eaten a hole out of the bottom of her bag of food. In this box? A pressure tank and pump assembly. Oh yeah.

I get my harp today.


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