Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


It's been a work weekend - I cleaned the studio (desperately needed) and have been working on a big freelance project that needs to be finished - with input and revisions - by Thursday. I've just finished the 3rd board rough, and am stupidly pleased with this one. I even got to use one of my land photos.

It's REALLY nice having studio space again; I sorted through all the mostly-empty t-shirt boxes and pulled out everything I have orders left to use up, and put the rest of them into stage-to-storage spots. Much more room in here, and it's a nice space again! I can walk from one end to the other without tripping over something. :)

Still have too many t-shirts to finish - I ran out of transfer paper (because not all of it was useable), and it should be in today or tomorrow so I can get these Done. I've been so slow that at this point, I'm tossing extra goodies in these packages! Don't hate me, nice potential future customer! I'm sorry I under-estimated the time on these!

I also tried to break Fantastic Portfolios with Janet and a few folks this weekend. The errors that cropped up are minor, and mostly she was able to squash them on the spot. The backend is really nicely coded and easy to use. The admin tools are uber powerful (menu creation! New page creation! I will probably forget how to ftp!) and the whole performance is really nice. Next up is some critique training.

I live in fear of my inbox. I'm over 100, tho' fortunately, not over 125, and some of them are getting stinky-old.

Ooo! And I got new icons, courtesy of laylalawlor. *glee* I will have far too much use for my Stupid People icon, probably. :) And more paid LJ time, due to the lovely dormantdrake! *lovelovelove!*

Also, I LOVE having a laser printer. Best money I've spent in a while. Maybe next to the Mustek I bought to replace the one I finally had to return. :) Toys = love.

Is anyone interested in a cheaper print option through EMG? I can whip really nice laser prints out much more cheaply than my giclees (like 1/3 of the price!), but I'm sort of wondering if anyone would *want* to order them - they're essentially what you'd get at Kinkos (WHEN you were lucky enough to get assistance from someone who actually knew what they were doing). And no, they aren't as nice, they may just be nice enough for some cases.

Okay, some orders to print while waiting for input on board3, and a snackbreak... There's a whole stack already packaged to go out, just need mailing labels.

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