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Iced in!

It is very odd to hear rain on the roof in February. Very odd, and very disturbing. We were iced in this weekend, no way were we driving to town unless it was an emergency. (It nearly was… we were dangerously low on toilet paper!) We got pretty creative with the food we had left.

So I drew, a little, and wished I had paints. Watched Planet of the Apes, and a few episodes of Sex and the City. (Hilarious show… I'm really glad Matt got it in on DVD.) Sunday there was a lot of Sci Fi television (very cool!) and the Simpsons.

Had to be at work at 6 this morning. Blech. Driving in was very hairy. Trying to walk up our driveway was worse. Very, very, very slippery. Schools were closed today. If there hadn't been a project that needed to be out today, I would have played hooky. As it was, the script I wrote worked flawlessly, and a monkey could have run it, so I didn't actually need to be here.

Writing a terribly, horribly sad Kadanzer story… good stuff, but depressing. Ought to be writing something less far-off in the timeline. Ought to be plotting for Grindstone, but I'm not. I did put together an outline for the Jenny/Bjorn stuff, though, so I'll have a jumping off point, if that's what I decide to do. Maybe I should be digging up that darn Creative Sparks article Ciri and I started eons ago. Gah…

Two power outages already today. I expect more. Thank heavens for battery backups. And there was an 11-car pile up near Eielson. (A four-car pile-up is front-page news around here, mind you.) I saw at least eight places that cars had been in the ditch when we were driving in this morning. Ugly, ugly weather.

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