Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Never Again.

IF I do Ursula's shirts again, it will be much, much, much different. And right now, I'm not thinking I will. Now that I'm finally to the bottoms of these boxes, I'm finding that there are a few oddballs that I don't have shirts for. They aren't on my invoice, so who knows whose fault the problem was on in terms of ordering - I'll add 'em to an order I place today and have them soon, hopefully. Worse, several folks ordered colors and sizes in babydolls that were ONLY available in unisex shirts, or tried to order sizes in colors they weren't available in. *facepalm* I should have caught this earlier, but some of the orders, I haven't had files for until this weekend, so I hadn't looked at them closely. GAH.

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