Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Almost turkey day...

Actually, in most civilized time zones, it probably is, so, Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm quite tired, with little to show for my day. Mailed lots of shirts, but only the ones I finished yesterday, and not even all of them. My day was split in half by going to do some running around for my sister, who was home with a sick nephew, and going to the other nephew's thanksgiving classroom thing - we had stone soup, and cookies, and they sang a song, and it was beyond cute, and the teacher laughed when she asked me if I was my sister's sister, because we look so much alike.

And then I ended up going shopping. Yeah. Day before thanksgiving. That shot the rest of my day, which had been planned for writing and more t-shirts.

I may be getting a headache - I waited too long to eat dinner, and then watched a long movie (Last Samauri) mostly without blinking in a room that was 800 billion degrees and I forgot to take off my long underwear, and I didn't want to interupt the movie to do so. Drinking water and thinking cool, refreshing thoughts now, so it may go away.

I am sure I should be composing a deep entry about how grateful I am, and I am, don't get me wrong. But I fear my muse may be hauling me in other directions right now. It's worth noting that I'm terribly grateful for all you guys. I probably don't say so enough, and shouldn't need a holiday to remind me.

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