Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Strange dreams...

Very vivid, strange dreams last night.

Among other things, I went raft-camping with Ursula. We stopped for the night in a mall, and set up the tent on a pressboard shore (carefully choosing a location slightly out of the main traffic area, and we inquired about the hours of the mall, so that we wouldn't have to get up too early. It didn't open until 1, so we were okay).

Because Ursula couldn't blog on LJ, she wrote out her blog entry on paper and posted it on a survey stake, in big loopy pencil writing. Reading it, I discovered that she'd gotten a job to do a huge sculpture of a mouth, as a 1% for art piece, in the theme of free speech. I got all excited about the idea, and brought her diagrams and ideas for construction, which she quite liked, but she looked at me seriously and said, 'your problem is that you're too switched on.' And she proceeded to tell me that is was quite impressive what I'd managed to accomplish, overcoming deafness, and all. That sort of took me back for a moment, because I'm quite not-deaf, but then she started saying other nice things, but she was sort of telling them to this audience that had gathered around the banks of the river running through the mall, and I could only understand bits and pieces of it, because lo, I really was deaf, and only reading her lips, and she kept turning to talk to the other people about me. No one else around me (it was quite a press!) realized she was talking about me in particular, and I was half-glad for that, because I wasn't sure about everything she was saying...

And then I was in a huge house with a lovely lady who was a famous Sci Fi or Fantasy writer and had wonderful collections of out of print 'zines that I was drooling over... and she hugged me and told me I was a lovely person and she was so glad I'd stopped by.

In general, unsettling and flattering dreams, and it's the river that really sticks with me - all boxed in by the mall and developed around, but I still knew that it was fast, and deep and dangerous and wild.

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