Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


About 50 shirts finished - all I can do for now! Now to finish this print order that has priority, and package all of the above. Also scooped catbox (blech) and swept the studio floor, all of which has been punctuated with great gooey nose-blows to open up the sinuses so I can hear again periodically.

I have both burnt and frosted my fingers today, and four of my fingertips are numb right now. (Typing is weird.) Burnt is of course from the heatpress, and frosted... well, it was 8 hundred billion degrees in here with the stovepipe to the roaring woodstove going up through the studio and the heatpress on, so I opened a window for a cool 'don't faint while pressing shirts' breeze. And it froze open.


So I had to move my laptop out of harms way, hop up on my desk and chisel out a few inches of ice so I could latch the darn window shut again. Leaving it open for the rest of the winter was not particularly an option, and I'm not sure where my hair dryer is.

Ow, now they hurt. Time to go blow my poor nose again and package shirts before gaming!

Edit to Add: EEEE! I just got a look at some artwork in progress on a project I'm working on, and WOW! Totally made my day, utterly inspired, want to go play and CAN'T because of stupid work to be done! EEEEE!

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