Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fantastic Portfolios - Memberships available now!


Alright folks, if you didn't catch it before, Fantastic Portfolios is a go: a critique-based, juried site with a professional front, community strength and lots of great user goodies! Coding is well underway, the core administration is in place (what a crew!), we've got a theme, and a logo, a messageboard and now, the paid memberships are also available, including the limited-time Eternal Memberships! Basic membership is free, but you'll really dig the extras you can get with a paid membership, and you'll be directly supporting our hardworking critics and keeping the site ad-free and running smoothly.

I'm awfully excited about this project. :)

More t-shirts out today, and after this bunch is postaged, I'm taking a nap (still under the weather!) and then printing more and writing on my NaNovel.

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