Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Random stuff

I feel a bit obligated to make meaningful posts only, now that I'm limited. The change was kind of a shocker. Not that I blame the management, or think I'll be affected adversely. I'm not sure I've ever made more than three posts in a day. Certainly it's not common for me. (In case you're living in a cave, LJ has limited posts - including to communities but not comments - to three a day, for free users.)

I have a sinking feeling I don't have anything meaningful to say, however. :P Oh well… if I do, and I've hit my quota, I have a second LJ.

Which reminds me that I need to spend some quality time with my scanner. I had art time this weekend! I did a swirly in oil pastels, which is tremendously good stress relief. Unfortunately, I only had smooth Bristol, which doesn't really have enough tooth to hold pastels. Still worked, to a certain extent, and I liked the results. Also drew some more doodles for the second Jennie-project.

Have a trainee at work… sort of. He's not specifically my trainee, and so far he's been doing pretty darn well on his own - barring computer failures that were no fault of his. It's a tremendous relief, because he was hired on my recommendation… I know him a little through gaming.

I plan to finish printing the RWH calendar, tonight, and do some business emails and one order (mousepad, pressed it yesterday). I showed Melody the tarot cards I've finished, and she's enthused about helping me finish them! Yay! I seriously need some help on that darn project.

Bah. There is nothing meaningful here… just random smatterings of stuff. But I like it that way. Keeps me focused.

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