Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Well, poo.

So far today, I have learned many things. A) You can't run connect via ethernet to a printer without going through a hub. B) A wireless router can work as a hub! Yay! So, I'm wirelessly connected to my new printer now!

Alas, the new printer must be returned. I'd love it and hug it and call it George, but it arrived in less than pristine shape. I was worried when I was unpacking it and two of the shipping spacers were out of place. Bad sign, sez I. I set it up anyway. Hey, maybe Fedex was gentle with it. It prints lovely colors! And it's not as slow or noisy as I'd feared! However, there's a scrapy mark on all the pages I print. Very bad sign, sez I. I open up the top, and there's a free-range screw sitting on top of the imaging cartridge thingy. Not good. I take it out (unable to find a hole to put it into), run another printout. Still scrapey! I pull out the imaging cartridge (plenty gently!), and a little piece of broken plastic goes flying across my desk. Mm. It looks like just part of a broken round bit, undoubtedly where previous-mentioned screw ought to go. And the scrapy bits continue, so I'm guessing the rest of the broken plastic bits are floating around in there somewhere bad - I can't find them. *sighs*

I lose!

Oh, maybe not overall - I at least know how to set it up in two minutes flat next time, and I think I'm going to like the machine once I get a good one! :)

The cat isn't going to want to give up the box...

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