Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Swinging back!

I think I can salvage the transfers - not all of them, but at least some of them. I pressed a few tests (on colors I could replace out of stock) and... if I was careful about printing, I could cover the stripe with ink, or position the art away from it - it wasn't as bad as the last batch, and was mostly blue in the margins. I'm still going to call the co. and let them know, but I think I can get these shirts mostly done anyway. A little more time consuming, but if I'm further delayed on these shirts, I'm going to go nuts. NUTS.

New printer is lovely! Have to install it today. It took some plant re-arrangement (the lime tree has been ejected from the studio) and I need a hanging basket for a plant in the kitchen, but it does fit! Still need to anchor the cable to the ceiling and buy a new surge protector. I'd like to wire in another outlet, too.

But, perhaps most exciting of all - Fantastic Portfolios forum is open!

The site is still being built, as will be obvious, but the forum is all set up, I've got some backend stuff in full swing, and I'll be posting memberships for sale today or tomorrow. Probably today. Still need smilies, but none of my forums will export their smilies (for whatever reason), so it's a bit of a task.

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